If I myself remain unrealised, then it is not possible to make others realise God. If someone has not tasted a particular food himself, how will he tell others that the food is most delicious? If someone does not study and get his degree, how is he going to become a university professor and teach others? It is not possible. If the mother of the family is illiterate and does not even know the ABC, then how can she say, "Let me teach you to read, my son"? She herself has to know the subject before she can teach her child. One has to know something before one can teach it to others. This is true in the spiritual life as well as in every other field of life. If I have not realised God, how will I fulfil you and help you to realise God?

If the Master himself has not realised God, then it is impossible for him to make somebody else realise God. Help will come from within the seeker and from God — who is the real Guru within the Master — but the unrealised Master cannot be directly responsible for the realisation of somebody else. If you don't first have the fruit in the refrigerator, then you don't have the ability to give it away.

When I meditate I bring down Peace, Light and Bliss in infinite measure. Real spiritual Masters have an infinite inner treasure; whereas in the case of ordinary human beings, their possessions are very limited. Material food, for example, is limited; if there are too many people there may not be enough food. If five people are expected to eat and ten people come, then we will be totally lost. But in the spiritual life, it is not like that. The infinite treasure will always remain the same; like Krishna's curd, it will not diminish in quantity. As you can eat too much on the physical plane, you can also eat beyond your capacity on the spiritual plane. At that time you will get a headache and a feeling of tension. But the supply of spiritual food will never be exhausted.

The mother gets utmost joy when she is making a sacrifice for her son. At that time she feels that the son is part and parcel of her existence. If both my hands are part and parcel of me, then whether I eat with my right hand or my left hand, it is the same; the same person is getting joy. So, while giving to his spiritual children, the Master gets the same pleasure when they are eating as when he himself is eating. Fulfilment is always the same because at that time there is no sense of separativity. And you have to know that no matter how much the children eat, the spiritual Father's inner wealth is inexhaustible. Again, the ordinary mother feels miserable if her child does not eat her food. In my case, if I am in my divine consciousness and someone does not receive my light, I will simply say that the time has not come for him. But if I am in my highest consciousness, I will say that I am wasting my precious time; I am giving and you people are not eating.

Everyone cannot realise God at the same time. You are getting your Master's degree now, but there are many others who don't even care for a Master's degree. God will not compel everyone right now to realise Him. But even if one doesn't accept the spiritual life right now, in the march of human aspiration everyone eventually has to realise God. Everyone has to realise God today or tomorrow. It takes a long time to realise God, longer to reveal Him and still longer to manifest Him. But if you do it cheerfully, you will be very happy.