The assimilation of Light

Sometimes when we receive Light, Peace or Bliss on a higher level of consciousness, the physical mind is not convinced that it has actually received anything. But it is not necessary for the higher levels of consciousness to make the physical consciousness aware of what has been received. Light may enter into a higher part of the emotional being and start functioning for a few minutes or a few days or even longer. There it will create a new soil and eventually it will grow a bumper crop of inner experience. Then it may take another few months for these inner experiences to enter into the gross physical consciousness.

If an experience takes place in the physical consciousness, then we can see and feel it with our very senses. At that time naturally we can rely on our own awareness. But if the experience is something very subtle and it is taking place on a higher level of consciousness, we may not be aware of it. What we are trying to do is to make the physical consciously aware of what is going on in the subtle body. If the physical and the spiritual in us are simultaneously conscious of what we are doing, then no matter in which plane of consciousness we are having an experience, we will feel it in our physical consciousness. Otherwise, it may happen that when the Highest knocks at the door of the physical, the physical will deny it.

If the physical runs abreast of the soul and is in tune with the soul, then we can receive the highest Light and we can be convinced of what we receive.

If the physical and the soul aspire together, then we will have free access to all planes of consciousness and the physical will not be able to doubt the reality of these subtle experiences. So let us meditate on the highest Supreme with both body and soul. Then we shall realise the ultimate Truth and the ultimate Truth will be able to utilise us in its own way.