Vibrations and the Master's presence

Sometimes disciples say that some of their colleagues or acquaintances at work make them feel uncomfortable. The reason is that these people are not spiritual and would probably never want to be in our boat. If you feel uncomfortable in someone's presence, this doesn't mean that you are cherishing superior feelings. Each person carries a special vibration, divine or undivine. When you get a kind of uncomfortable or uneasy feeling, it is usually because the other person is not spiritual. If the person is unaspiring and leading an ordinary, animal life, naturally you will feel a kind of foreign vibration from him. It is not your fault if his vibration makes you feel uncomfortable.

Again, you can't blame the other person; he is at the mercy of the undivine forces. Don't feel that just because you are meditating and have a Master, you are leading a superior life. Even those who are aspiring cannot maintain the same standard all the time. Each individual has different vibrations at different times. On the subway, for instance, or at Times Square, you as an individual will not be able to keep your own highest consciousness. A different vibration is coming right from the street and you can't avoid it, so it is very difficult for you to maintain your height. Here you may be very spiritual, but as soon as you go to mid-Manhattan or to Greenwich Village, automatically your consciousness goes down. At that time, I won't be able to give you more than twenty out of one hundred for your consciousness. But in your meditation, of course, you might get one hundred out of one hundred.

If you are always able to keep your consciousness very high, as in deep meditation, then only can you maintain the same standard. When you can do that, then you have really achieved something. Again, I sympathise with you. As soon as you enter the subway, you encounter this kind of vibration. Similarly, these people who now have undivine vibrations may be trying to become good — who knows? But in spite of their sincere efforts to become seekers, the undivine forces may be intervening and trying to create problems for them, just as in your case the vibrations from the subway or somewhere else may make it very difficult for you to maintain the same spiritual vibration wherever you go.

So if someone or something makes you feel uneasy, at that time you do not have to go to a corner and concentrate and solve the problem. If you are my disciple and have absolute faith in me, then you can immediately invoke my inner presence; and my inner presence will immediately bring down the infinite Grace or Blessing or Power of the Supreme. On the strength of your sincerity and dedication, the response will come from me; and that response will immediately be followed by the infinite Grace of the Supreme. I am there as a bridge inside you, a connecting link between you and the Supreme. You yourself can invoke the Supreme for His immediate help, but your difficulty is that you do not see the Supreme, you have not been blessed with the constant Presence of the Supreme. So it is easier for the aspirant to invoke the presence of the Guru, who knows how to connect him with the Supreme.

I would like to tell you a story about a disciple of mine in another country. I gave her a particular meditation to use to invoke the Supreme whenever she was in difficulty or danger. I told her to pray to the Supreme in a special way at that time. She said, "Guru, you pray to the Supreme and let me pray to you. You have seen the Supreme, so you can pray to Him, but I have not yet seen Him. Please listen to my prayer and let the Supreme listen to your prayer. Since you have taken responsibility for my life, you are the right one to solve my problem." This prayer can be used by all those disciples who have absolute faith in me.