Question: I am confused because there is no single mind among those who have studied at the source of this philosophy of living. I have not found any two teachers who are alike, and I have met many. So it is very disturbing.

Sri Chinmoy: There is only one teacher, one Guru, and that teacher is the Supreme. I am not a teacher; and if there is anybody on earth who claims to be a teacher, then I will say that he is a fool. But the expression, the manifestation or the revelation of the Supreme is a different story. In the Supreme’s Eye we are all Gods of tomorrow; but when we see with our own eyes, we see that we are all imperfect, we are no better than animals.

The younger brother feels that his older brother, who is studying at the college, has more knowledge or wisdom than he does. So he runs towards his brother to get more illumination. Similarly, in the process of evolution there are those who are actually helping their brothers and sisters who are spiritually younger than they are to lead a life of illumination. The younger members of the family can approach their elder brother as helper or guide or saviour. But it is the Supreme who has given a little more wisdom to that particular person, and at the same time he expects and he demands that this wisdom be distributed to everyone.