The Canadian magician

The day after we saw his performance, some other magicians who didn't claim to have occult power spoke against this man in an article in the newspaper. One of those who spoke against this Cuban magician was a magician from Toronto who happened to be in Puerto Rico at the same time. He could not bear the way the man we had seen was getting name and fame. So he invited the reporter from the "San Juan Star" to see his own performance. He told the reporter that he was a great magician and that he had even defeated Houdini by forty-five minutes in escaping from jail. He said that on one occasion Houdini had not even been able to escape from jail. Houdini had had all kinds of keys hidden away, but he could not open the lock. So he told the jail guard that something was wrong. The guard laughed and said, "The gate was not locked!"

This Canadian magician wanted to show his capacity. So first he took a spoon and broke it. Then another spoon appeared out of the blue. Next he took the spoon and started banging it on the table. Suddenly it became twelve spoons. Then the magician asked the reporter to give him a dollar bill and said he could turn it into a ten-dollar bill. So the reporter gave him a dollar bill, and immediately he turned it into a ten-dollar bill. Afterwards, a friend of the reporter came running to the Canadian magician with three dollar bills, hoping to get thirty dollars. He knocked and knocked on the magician's door, but the magician would not let him in.