More magic

In India we have a magician like Houdini. People hide a certain kind of mineral. Then they blindfold the magician, and he finds it — even if he has to walk three miles to the place where it is hidden. This is our occultism. He is considered to be as great as Houdini. His son has written a book about him.

Once a magician came to the ashram. He gave a ring to the Mother, and she was holding it. Then, in two seconds that same ring disappeared from her hand and appeared in his hand inside a handkerchief.

Next he showed us some ink. Then he threw the ink at the Mother and it turned into flowers. He said, "I don't want to ruin your clothes."

Then the magician threw a rope up into the air. It stayed in the air and he started climbing it. But that was not enough. In front of everybody he suddenly disappeared. Many people have written books about the Indian rope trick.

Another Indian trick is when they cover the magician's eyes and then place a coloured handkerchief in front of his face. They ask, "What colour is it?" and immediately the magician identifies the colour. These magicians are so tricky. When they do this trick, they stand on a small platform which has a hole in it. There is a tiny string which goes through the platform and is attached to one of the magicians feet. If the colour is red, the person with the string pulls two times; if it is green, three times. The magician says that he has occult power, but actually someone is telling him what to say.

When I was six or seven years old, I tried some magic tricks. Even now I can still do a few tricks. One of the tricks that the Cuban magician did in Puerto Rico I showed to Bansidhar at the Centre the following day. He said, "How did you do it?" He couldn't believe the trick!