The Pope arrives

Inside the Vatican, there were ninety thousand people. They had all come to hear the Pope speak. Since it was summer, the audience was held outside, in a corridor. But the Vatican is so big that the corridor easily housed over ninety thousand people. The people were all excited that they were going to see the Pope.

Around a quarter to seven, the Pope arrived in his small van or car. His car was moving down a passageway, and he was blessing people from the car. Then, when he came out of the car and was making his way to his throne, he would go and bless one person, shake hands with someone else, pat somebody's shoulder and do all kinds of things. He was like an affectionate grandfather greeting his family.

There was a group of African singers wearing special uniforms. Sometimes they would sing and sometimes they would slap their face or head. It was a part of the performance. The Pope was so satisfied with them. He clapped and clapped and clapped.