The Pope's speech

The Pope read out his speech in, I think, seven languages. First one of the Cardinals said something in Italian, and then the Pope read out his message in English, French, German, Spanish and a few more languages. But before he read out his serious message in all the languages, he cut jokes and made everybody laugh. You can't imagine, for two hours or more, he only smiled and smiled and smiled. He would look to one side and smile and then to the other side and smile. He would all the time smile, bless people, talk and cut jokes.

Like the last time I was there to see Pope Paul, this time also I was put in the front row. Beside me were a Cardinal and two or three priests from Africa. They were also supposed to see the Pope. It was a private audience in the sense that the Pope would speak to each person personally. Behind me was another row; so there were two rows altogether.

The Pope's throne was very, very simple and his shoes were also very simple. He was in a white robe. Six or seven times during his talk he looked at me and smiled. I was sitting only ten or twelve metres away from him. He looked at me and greeted me six or seven times during his speech.