Today we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of our Meditation Group at the United Nations. The number "five" has a most special significance. We have five senses. Each sense is of paramount importance. I pray to the Lord Supreme to grant us, out of His infinite Bounty, the capacity and receptivity to perfect our five senses so that we can be of better dedicated, devoted and unconditional service to the illumining soul and serving body of the United Nations. From today on, with our eyes we shall see only the divine Truth in God's creation; with our ears, we shall hear only the divine Truth; with our tongue we shall speak only the Truth. From today on, we shall breathe in inner truth; from today on our physical bodies shall be the torchbearers of the Supreme's infinite Truth. This is the prayer that I wish to offer to our Inner Pilot, the Absolute Supreme, on this auspicious occasion, the fifth anniversary of our Meditation Group at the United Nations.

Finally, I wish to offer my deepest gratitude to Sumedha, the secretary of our Meditation Group, for her constant dedicated service. Also, I offer my sincere gratitude to all the members of the Meditation Group who have been coming here faithfully and devotedly and serving this great body, the United Nations. The delegates and members of the Secretariat are trying to bring about peace. We are also trying to bring about peace in our own way through our prayer and meditation which is equally powerful, soulful and meaningful. The goal is the same, the destination is the same, only we are travelling along two different roads. Once we reach our destination we shall see that whatever is done with real sincerity is true, real and effective. Since the delegates and the members of the staff of the United Nations are also doing the right thing, absolutely the right thing, I wish to offer, on behalf of our Meditation Group, most sincere gratitude to them.

Sweet members of the United Nations Meditation Group, dear seekers, I wish to tell you with my heart's utmost sincerity that I was nothing, I am nothing and I shall be nothing. But there is Someone who was everything, who is everything, and who forever shall be everything, and I know Him. Him I have seen and Him I invoke to bless us out of His unconditional Compassion. He is our Eternity's All, our Beloved Supreme. I pray to Him to bless our devoted heads and our surrendered hearts so that we can be His perfect instruments on earth. Once we become His perfect instruments we shall be able to claim Him as our Eternity's own, very own. Beginning today, let us convince our body, vital, mind and heart that we are not only of Him from time immemorial-from before the very birth of creation-but also that we are for Him, that our purpose is to fulfil Him by accepting Him, claiming Him as our very own and playing our respective roles in His cosmic Game. What we all want is a world with a new heart and a new face. To achieve this what we need is constant self-giving to the Inner Pilot, who in silence is guiding every nation slowly, silently, unerringly. His success will be our progress in our life of aspiration, and our progress will be His success in His total and complete manifestation on earth.

From today on, let us claim the Tree, the Supreme, as our own, as He constantly claims us, the leaves, as His very own. If we claim Him as our very own, then our service will be more soulful more meaningful and more fruitful.