My life is a life of gratitude which I wish to offer to the seekers here and all over the world. This year and all the years that I will be on earth I will have only one purpose, and that is to offer my dedication, my dedicated service. Today there are about fifty seekers in this room. But I wish to tell all of you that when we pray and meditate here, the soul of the United Nations observes us with deepest joy, gratitude and pride. What we do here is recorded in the soul of the United Nations, imprinted in letters of gold. And the appreciation that you have offered now on behalf of the Meditation Group, I wish to place at the Feet of our Beloved Supreme, the Inner Pilot, for it is He who is acting in and through me; it is He who is acting in and through all of us.

What we call dedicated service is nothing but His Compassion-fulfilment in and through us. What we do has already been done by Him. He just allows us to act on the physical plane to convince us that we are participating in His divine Game. Otherwise, there is nothing on earth that we do which has not been done by our beloved Pilot Supreme. Out of His infinite Compassion He makes us feel that we have done it, for when we feel that we have done it we get greater glory and we feel that life is more fruitful. But to be absolutely honest with you, what we do here soulfully is actually being done by our Inner Pilot.

Our service to the United Nations will one day be felt by each and every individual who serves the United Nations. Right now their physical minds may not know what we are doing with our prayer and meditation. But every day their souls do feel what we are doing and their hearts at times also feel it. A day will come when all parts of their being will realise that what we are doing is not for ourselves but for the body, vital, mind, heart and soul of the United Nations. We do not need appreciation now, we do not need recognition. What we need is our own constant feeling of oneness with the body, vital, mind, heart and soul of the United Nations. Our feeling of oneness is what we want from our lives. To all of you, only one thing I can offer and that is my ever-growing and ever-glowing gratitude-flower in the heart of the Universal Reality which you are, which we all are.

SM 27. 9 January 1976