Question: How can we aspire to develop a divine quality in our heart instead of just having it in our mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Suppose you have sincerity. Unless you bring it forward through your heart, how are you going to convince yourself that you have it? If you have money in your pocket, what good is it if you don't take it out of your pocket and buy the thing that you need?

Let us say that you have sincerity. Now, if you don't bring it forward and give it to mankind, then why should mankind be satisfied with you and how can you yourself be satisfied? So it is a matter of give and take. Inner cry comes from the inside to the outside. It is there already, but you have to bring it forward. It is like material wealth. If you don't bring the money out of your pocket, then how are you going to buy anything or achieve anything? It is impossible. All divine qualities you have, but you have to bring them forward. If they are not manifested, then nobody will get any benefit. You are not getting any benefit, not to speak of the world at large.