Part III — Problems of the physical mind

Question: What does it mean when they say, "The mind is the slayer of the real."?

Sri Chinmoy: "The mind is the slayer of the real." Inside the mind we have the physical mind, the mind proper, the higher mind, the overmind, and the supermind. The mind they are referring to here is the physical mind. This physical mind is always blind to something that is large, vast or infinite. Whatever exists on earth has its infinite part all over the world. When you enter into a tiny thought or a small thought, you will see that this thought covers the whole universe. But when the physical mind wants to observe or see the thought, it says that it is a tiny thought. Whatever the physical mind wants to see, it sees in an infinitesimal part. If you bring a vast amount of material in front of the physical mind, it will see one part here, another part there and still another part someplace else. It always divides, breaks and kills the entirety, the wholeness of the Truth. The very function of the physical mind is to limit the Truth, the Light, or whatever can uplift your heart and soul. That is why they say that the mind is the slayer of the Truth. The mind can never see the Truth in its entirety. It has to break, it has to give ideas, it has to make the Truth very tiny so that it can see and can appreciate it. When something is vast, the mind fails to see it. So the mind has to kill in order to appreciate.