Question: How can sentimentality be transformed?

Sri Chinmoy: Sentimentality is sometimes in the mind, but it is usually in the vital. Now, if we want to transform sentimentality, then we have to transform it into something that gives us the feeling of constant and conscious progress: progress in the Light, with the Light and for the Light. When someone is sentimental, we have to know that that person is cherishing only a part of the whole. He feels that the way in which he observes the truth is the only way. If anyone hurts him, then he feels that his way of growing into the truth and becoming the truth differs from the way of that person.

Sentimentality arises because truth or reality is not getting the scope to manifest itself. If we want to conquer our sentimentality, if we don't want to be hurt, then we must grow into the Light. We must feel that we are of the Light and for the Light: the Light of the Infinite that grows in infinite shapes and forms.

We are sentimental because we don't want to be approached by some person and he has approached us. A sentimental person has a way of seeing and dealing with the truth, but he feels that his way should be the only way. But we always have to give freedom to the truth, to life and to reality so that everything can grow in its own way. That doesn't mean that when we hurt someone we will try to justify it; far from it. We have to feel inside us an adamantine will that always remains unaffected by others who want to hurt us or enter into us. Let them try to enter into us in their own way. We have to feel that we are the mighty ocean and others are only tiny rivulets. We have to know that we are the Life Infinite and we are for the Light Infinite. If we have this kind of feeling within us and if we are conscious of it, then sentimentality gives way to an infinite variety of self-expression. This expression of the Infinite Will wants to be manifested on all levels, both human and divine. If we give the proper scope to each sentimental feeling, then we will not be affected by anything. Inside us and inside others we shall let Light grow. Inside Light there is tolerance. Once we have this tolerance, we shall not suffer any more from the sentimentality-disease.