Question: Why is it that sometimes your answers seem so interesting and other times I don't find them as interesting?

Sri Chinmoy: Sometimes the physical is very tired, exhausted, and the mind does not want to participate in what I am saying. Sometimes the mind wants to participate, but it feels that what I am saying is not something new. It says, "I am not gaining anything." If the mind is not gaining anything new, then it does not care for what I am saying. But when the heart wants to achieve something, the heart gets tremendous joy. Whether the answer is pleasing to the heart is of no importance. The heart will accept the message on the strength of its identification with the soul. Today the heart is very happy, so the aspiring heart is satisfied with the answers.

Sometimes you like my voice and sometimes you don't like my voice. At times the disciples say, "He has spoken too much." It entirely depends on the individual disciple's consciousness and his physical standard. If the standard of the disciple is very, very low, then what I am saying will be of no interest.