Scene 13

(Jesus and Mary at home.)

JESUS: Mother, I beg to be excused.

MARY: Son, you have not done anything wrong. Why do you need my forgiveness?

JESUS: Mother, yesterday at the wedding party I was unnecessarily rude to you. When they ran short of wine you requested me to do something. I was so hostile to you. I said, “Woman, what matters it to you and to me? My hour has not yet come.”

MARY: But you did listen to me, after all. So how can I be displeased with you? My son, you transformed water into wine. What a miracle! Jesus, it was your first miracle. I am sure you will do many more. But this much I tell you, my son, if you are going to perform fifty miracles in the outer world, then rest assured you will perform fifty thousand miracles in the inner world. All your inner world activities, your divine Father in Heaven and my simple soul on earth, will know. Jesus, yesterday at the wedding party I asked the servants to listen to you. Today I ask the whole world to listen to you, and it certainly will.

JESUS: You think too highly of me, Mother.

MARY: Son, your supernatural height is not only far beyond the domain of my experience, but also far beyond my imagination’s flight.

JESUS: I know, Mother of mine. You want only my divinity to come to the fore. I am the sun. You are the moon. I am rising; therefore cheerfully and unconditionally you are going to hide yourself. From now on you have decided to remain in the background. Such is your love for me. Such is your oneness with me. Mother, I may become great one day. But you are good. To me greatness is no match for goodness.

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973