Scene 14

(Jesus and his disciples.)

JESUS: Lazarus, my dear friend, you are no more. O soul of Lazarus, to you I offer my heart’s immense gratitude, for it is you who are helping me reveal the Glory of God. Martha, Mary, dear ones, I am coming to your house to revive your dead brother. Children, let us go to Judea.

DISCIPLES: Judea! What for? Have you forgotten that just the other day they wanted to stone you?

JESUS: Don’t worry. I know who I am. This time they will see my light. My dear friend Lazarus died four days ago. My Father wants me to go to Lazarus and revive him.

DISCIPLES: But by this time he is buried. What can you do now?

JESUS: I can do nothing. I have done nothing. I will be able to do nothing. But my Father did, does and will do everything in and through me.

DISCIPLES: Lord, we give glory to you. You give glory to your Father. You stay with your Father. We stay with you, our Father.

JESUS: Amongst you there are still some who do not believe in me. When I revive Lazarus, their belief will grow. I am grateful to Lazarus. I am grateful to the non-believers, for they are helping me to reveal the Lord’s divine Glory on earth. Come, don’t delay. Let us go and bring joy to the bereaved and stricken family.

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973