Scene 16

(Jesus with his disciples.)

JESUS: I am a Jew, but the Jews do not accept me. They hate me, even though I came to save them. Such is my fate. Yet I know that the whole world will one day accept me, love me and adore me. I know that I am not for a tiny section of humanity only. I am for the whole of humanity. But those who accept me and claim me as their own are undoubtedly my beloved ones. My days are numbered. I have twelve disciples. Among them, Judas will betray me. He will put me into the hands of the enemy. And then they will crucify me.

(All the disciples are shocked.)

DISCIPLES: Judas! Judas! Judas will betray our Lord!

JUDAS: Impossible, impossible! (Touching Jesus’ feet.) Lord, is there anything that I can do without your knowledge or without your approval or, at least, without your acquiescence? I know, Lord, your words will prove true. But Lord, it seems to me that it is you who have chosen me to play this unthinkable part in your cosmic play.

JESUS (smiles and blesses him): Judas, you are right. True, the world will hate you. But the world does not know that everything is predestined. So Judas, do your part well when your hour strikes.

DISCIPLES: Lord, our hour has already struck. We want to do our part well.

(They all grab Judas and start striking and kicking him.)

JESUS: Stop! Stop, or I shall leave you all immediately! Judas is doing the right thing. His betrayal is predestined. What can he do now? And what can I do now? Only our Father in Heaven knows what is best for Judas and what is best for me and what is best for all of you.

DISCIPLES: We know what is best for us!

(They start striking Judas again.)

JESUS: Stop! Stop! If not, I shall leave you for good!

PETER: Lord, you are great. You are divine. For you it is easy to forgive a filthy betrayer and a scoundrel like Judas. But we are mortals, ordinary human beings. How can we forgive him?

JESUS: Peter, the same way I shall forgive you. Peter, one day you will deny me — not once, not twice, but thrice. Three successive times in one short day!

PETER: Me? Impossible! When? Why?

JESUS: Yes, Peter, it is you and nobody else who will deny me. You think it is impossible. But I tell you, Peter, it is not only possible; it is inevitable. It is all predestined. Do not cry, do not weep, Peter. I loved you most. I shall always love you most. Again, when the hour strikes, it is you who will carry my banner of Truth and unlock my heart’s door so humanity can see my Father’s Light. You love me most dearly. Therefore I wish you to take care of my other disciples who are my lambs, my sheep.

PETER: Lord, I shall. I shall without fail. Lord, you are the Lord of Love. You are the Lord of Compassion. You are the Lord of Forgiveness,

JESUS: No, no. I am just the son of fulfilment. My Father is the Lord of Love. My Father is the Lord of Compassion, My Father is the Lord of Forgiveness.

PHILIP: Lord, will we ever see your Father?

JESUS: Certainly you can. Philip, shall I tell you the supreme truth? He who has seen me has seen the Father, for I and my Father are one.

Children, I wish to tell you a funny story:

"There were once three sons of the same father: the youngest, the middle and the eldest.
  The youngest son said: Father is in Heaven.
  The middle son said: The Kingdom of Heaven is in your heart.
  The eldest son said: I and my Father are one.
  To the youngest son, the Father said: Son, thank you for your vision.
  To the middle son, the Father said: Son, thank you for your mission.
  To the eldest son, the Father said: Son, thank you for your union."

My sweet children, Father asked me to go into the world. I obeyed Him. He asked me to show the world His Light. I obeyed Him. I have fulfilled all His demands. He has fulfilled His dreams through my dedicated and surrendered life. Now He wants me to go back to Him. Therefore I am prepared. Children, my Father gave you all to me. Now, at my earthly journey’s close, I am returning you all to Him. I am nothing. He is Everything. He is for everything. He is All. He is for all.

Judas, come here, please.

(Judas goes and sits at the Master’s feet.)

JESUS: Nimitta matram bhava. Be thou a mere instrument.

(Judas sings.)

Today, today, today
Alone with God I stay;
Tomorrow and forever
With His Compassion-Ray.

JESUS: Peter, come here, please.

(Peter goes and sits at the Master’s feet.)

JESUS: Nimitta matram bhava. Be thou a mere instrument.

(Peter sings.)

An ant like me to save
You came into this world of dust and clay.
A beggar like me to love
And give me a role sublime in Your Cosmic Play.

JESUS: Children, be the instruments of the Lord. We are all His instruments. Him to embody we came into the world. Him to reveal we came into the world. Him to fulfil we came into the world.

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973