Scene 17

(Evening. Jesus alone in a small garden.)

JESUS: Yes, I have performed miracles and my miracles have been many and varied. I have stilled storms. I have cured physical maladies. I have given sight to the blind. I have even raised the dead to life. But the world will never believe that I consider my miracles to be of secondary importance, to say the least. I came into the world to reveal my Lord, my Father who is in Heaven. If anybody believes in me for my own sake, then he is infinitely greater than those who believe in me only for my miracles. Again, because of the people’s lack of faith, I did not want to perform miracles at Nazareth. It would have served no purpose. To me, each miracle is a manifestation of God’s Power-Light. And if it is not properly accepted it only feeds man’s curiosity; it does not help elevate man’s consciousness at all. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that God’s Power-Light be well regulated by God’s Wisdom-Height. But who will believe that I have the power to perform miracles in the face of all unbelievers, disbelievers and stark atheists? Alas, nobody understands me. Nobody comes to me to fulfil my Lord in His divine Way.

(Jesus sings.)

None came to me, none came and none shall come.
Only my supreme Beloved came, only He.
I cried for His smile and He, for my selfless love.
Sleepless in me He grows His Vision-Tree.

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973