Scene 18

(Jesus and Mary.)

JESUS: Mother, please sing me a song, How I wish I could have a singing voice like yours.

MARY: Son, how I wish I could have an illumining heart like yours.

JESUS: Mother, please sing.

(Mary sings.)

My life began with duty’s pride,
My life shall live with beauty’s light,
My life shall sport with reality’s soul,
My life shall end with Divinity’s Height.

JESUS: Mother, in Heaven I shall miss your stirring voice. In a few days I shall be crucified.

MARY: Oh no, impossible! I shall not allow that to happen. My beloved son, will you not use your divine power to save yourself? Please do it, my son. I shall be so happy, so proud and so grateful.

JESUS: To please you, Mother, I performed my first miracle at the wedding party. I transformed water into wine. To please you again at the end of my journey’s close I shall perform another miracle, the Miracle of miracles. Since my Heavenly Father wants me to come back to Him, I shall have to go back. But three days after my death, I shall appear once again and see you all. This miracle will have no parallel in the history of our Lord’s creation.

So, Mother, Mother of my heart, I shall please you in a different way. I shall not save my body, but I shall prove to the world that I am deathless, that I am eternal. Although the body is perishable, the soul is immortal. This body has played its role. Why keep it on earth any longer? Mother, soon you too will join me in Heaven.

MARY: Shall I? How I wish, son, we could go together.

JESUS: Mother, your hour has not yet struck, but soon it will.

(Enter Mary Magdalene, weeping.)

MAGDALENE: Lord, last night I had a terrible dream, in my dream I saw you being crucified. On the cross you asked for a drink and they gave you some wine. You drank the wine, then bowed your head and said, “It is all finished.” My dream was so vivid. Lord, this dream is ruthlessly tearing at my inner being. My heart is completely broken. Lord, I beg of you, tell me that my dream was all a mental hallucination, with no reality in it.

JESUS: Did you see anything more?

MAGDALENE: Yes, I saw something more. I saw something unbelievable. Three days after your death you appeared before me. I saw you vividly. I ran to tell Peter and your other disciples. Everybody believed me except one disciple.

JESUS: Who was it? Who did not believe you?

MAGDALENE: It was that unfortunate Thomas.

(Enter Thomas.)

THOMAS: Magdalene, I overheard your conversation with the Lord. I, too, had a similar dream. In my dream I saw something more. The Lord, out of his infinite bounty, made me believe him unmistakably and said, “You believe me because you see me. Happy and fortunate are those who believe me without seeing me.”

(Thomas sings.)

With doubt my mind began,
With fear my heart began,
With clay my life began,
All in this shortest span.

JESUS: Excellent, excellent, I never knew that you had such a sweet voice. Thomas, your dream has reality in it in great measure. Magdalene, your dream will soon be transformed into reality. Magdalene, please sing me a song. You have not sung for me for a long time.

(Magdalene sings.)

There was a time when I stumbled and stumbled,
But now I only climb and climb beyond
And far beyond my Goal’s endless Beyond,
And yet my Captain commands: “Go on, go on!”

JESUS: Magdalene, I am well pleased with you. What the Father needs is a heart of purity and you have it in ample measure. A pure heart is a peerless treasure. You heard me saying a few months ago that the pure in heart are blessed, for they will see God. You will see God in me.

MAGDALENE: Lord, I have already seen God in you. Something more, I see you only as God. You are none other than your Heavenly Father. You do everything. But you give Him all the credit. Such is your heart’s magnanimity.

JESUS: Dear Magdalene, you are wrong. My Heavenly Father is the only doer. I am a mere instrument of His.

Nimitta matram
nimitta matram
nimitta matram
nimitta matram

(I am a mere instrument.)

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973