Scene 6

(The night is far advanced. Some shepherds are tending their sheep in a field near Bethlehem.)

FIRST SHEPHERD: Look, look, dear friends! What a bright and powerful light is in the sky!

SECOND SHEPHERD: Look, look! An angel of the Lord is fast approaching us.

THIRD SHEPHERD: Look, the angel is standing right before us.

THE THREE SHEPHERDS: Alas, some unknown fear is torturing our hearts.

ANGEL: O sweet, simple and sincere shepherds, cast aside your baseless fear. I have come to you with news of great joy. Today and just today, is born the Saviour. He is born in Bethlehem, which is quite near to us. The newborn divine baby is lying in the stable of an inn. He is the Christ, the Lord, the anointed King. Look up and see what my comrade angels are doing.

SHEPHERDS: Ah, they are dancing, praising and singing: Glory to God in the Highest. And, on earth, peace among men, in whom God is well pleased. It is wonderful, wonderful! Let us hurry to Bethlehem and see this wonderful thing.

(Exeunt omnes.)

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973