Scene 7

(King Herod’s Palace.)

HEROD: Unbearable! Unthinkable! Impossible! I shall not allow anyone else to be the King. I am the King, the only King of Judea. The priests and scribes have told me that this little baby King is in Bethlehem. I just want to be sure if it is true that he is there in Bethlehem. If he is, then I shall kill him. I shall send him to God. I shall remain King as long as I am allowed to live on this earth.

(Enter the three wise men.)

HEROD (greeting them): I am so happy to see you. I have heard much about you. You three are exceptionally wise men. You have come from the far East. You have studied the stars, and I understand that a star is leading you to the new King. Please go and see the divine child and come back with some information about him. Then I shall personally go and worship him.

(Exeunt the three wise men.)

Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973