Question: What is the first step in pursuing peace of mind?

Sri Chinmoy: In pursuing peace of mind, the first step is to sincerely feel that no individual is indispensable. If you feel that you are not indispensable to others and that others are not indispensable in your life, then you can easily have peace of mind. We lack peace of mind precisely because we feel that others need something from us or we need something from others. When the feeling that we or others are indispensable goes away, we get peace of mind.

An individual may have a few good qualities, but that doesn’t mean that he or she is indispensable. The same good qualities others may have. The more we give importance to ourselves or others, the more we weaken our own capacity. Only God is indispensable. We have to give all importance to the Source, to the Divine within us, to the Supreme within us. We have to feel that we are able to help or serve others, and they are able to help or serve us, precisely because the Supreme has given us certain qualities. These qualities have a true possessor, and the possessor is the Supreme. If we can consciously and continuously make ourselves feel that He alone is indispensable, then we can have peace of mind. This is the most effective way to bring about peace of mind.