Question: I often get into arguments with people. They say I shouldn't meditate and I say they should aspire more.

Sri Chinmoy: When we aspire, we feel the necessity of Truth alone, Light alone, Divinity alone. We try to become God’s perfect instrument so that we can share His Light with the rest of mankind. So our main concern is to become perfect and for that we have to grow into something divine. If we really want to become good, divine and perfect, then we have to pay all attention to our own life first. We have to pray and meditate. We are not criticising society, we are not condemning others; only we are doing the thing that is of paramount importance in our own life. We won’t say that others are doing everything wrong, whereas we are doing the right thing. No. We will only say that our Hour has struck. Our Hour has struck, so we pray, we meditate. The Hour for others will strike today or tomorrow.

So instead of belittling others or finding fault with them, please feel that what you are doing is absolutely the best thing for you, according to your own understanding and receptivity, and what they are doing right now is right for them, at the present stage of their evolution. If you do your work and they do their work, and if you do not find fault with them and they do not find fault with you, then all of you can run the fastest. In that way, there will be no confusion, there will be no contradiction, there will be no problem at all.