Question: How can we acquire spiritual intensity?

Sri Chinmoy: Here on earth, the thing that keeps you alive is your breath. Each time you breathe in you feel the necessity of breath. When you hold your breath for ten seconds, you feel that you are about to die; then, when you again breath in, you feel tremendous inner and outer intensity in your breath. When you breathe in, try to make yourself feel that this breath exists solely because it contains the Life, Light and Reality of the Supreme. If you can feel the existence of the Supreme’s Light and Love inside each living breath, if you can feel that the Supreme embodies your life-breath, then your love for the Supreme automatically increases.

You have to feel that the Supreme is the Source of your life-breath, and you should always try to go to the Source. If you can constantly aspire for this, you will feel that intensity is coming to the fore in your life of aspiration. You have to cry always for a free access to the Source. When we are aware of the Source and live in the Source, we become perfect instruments of the Supreme.