Question: Sometimes when I meditate, everything is very sharp and clear and works well. And other times when I meditate, everything is very calm, but I get into it so much that I start to space out and I can't function. It takes me a day to come down.

Sri Chinmoy: When things do not go well after you have meditated, please feel it is because of one of two reasons. The primary reason is that when the mind is not sufficiently pure, no matter how well you meditate, you will not get a sense of satisfaction. Everything will go wrong. The other thing is that even if the mind remains pure, hostile forces may attack. Until you become perfect, they will many times prevent you from having a good meditation. So before you meditate, pray for protection. “Let my meditation be protected by the Will of the Supreme.” As you pray to Him to grant you gratitude, also pray for protection. “Let my meditation be guided and protected by the divine Power of the Supreme.” If your meditation is protected, you will have a very fruitful meditation. You will not have unpleasant experiences.

If you read my writings, many things will be cleared up. I am answering questions all from my inner light, and where does it go? It enters into books. In the form of a book, you can get my inner knowledge, inner wisdom.