Question: How can we learn to hear the inner music?

Sri Chinmoy: It is through constant prayer and meditation that we can learn to hear the inner music. We have to pray to God soulfully to grant us Light, abundant Light, so that when we dive deep within we can hear His message without being hindered by our doubting mind. The deeper we can dive, the sooner our doubting mind will leave us for good. So it is through prayer that we can listen to the dictates of our soul, dictates that embody music pristine in purity and Light and Delight.

Sometimes a seeker, if he is not a seeker of the purest type, feels that he is acting like a beggar when he is praying. So he does not want to continue praying. But if the seeker meditates, then he has a different feeling. He feels that he has a Source and meditates on the Source, but not in a begging manner. He tells the Source, “You have sent me here to do something for You. Now, I feel it is high time that You come and act in and through me. Kindly bring to the fore the capacity that I embody to please You, to manifest You, to fulfil You.”

If the seeker cannot pray properly, divinely and soulfully, or if his doubting mind or his proud mind interferes and he does not want to act like a beggar, then let him invoke God like a prince invoking the King. Or, like a son, let him invoke the Father to do the needful. That is done through meditation.