Question: Does the vital have any mission apart from the soul's mission?

Sri Chinmoy: The vital, when it is united with the soul, can have a mission. Otherwise, the vital does not have a mission of its own. When the vital surrenders to the soul and becomes one with the soul, then only does the mission of the soul become the mission of the vital. The body, the mind, the vital, and the heart: they do not have an independent mission. There is only one mission, and that is the mission of the soul.

Unfortunately, for many centuries the mind, the vital and the body do not listen to the soul. But a day comes when they are bound to listen. Then the mission of the soul becomes the mission of the vital, the mission of the physical and the mission of the mind.

As the body, vital and mind surrender to the soul, so also we as individuals have to surrender to the Supreme's Will. Then the Mission of the Supreme becomes our mission. I say that I have my mission, you say that you have your mission, he says that he has his mission. But only on the strength of our absolute identification with the Supreme, in our selfless surrender, can we say that it is our mission.