Question: Can you tell me how I can feel my soul?

Sri Chinmoy: To expect to feel the soul right now, at the very beginning, is like coming to school and expecting to get your Master’s degree overnight. The teacher will say, “You have not gone through primary school and high school, so how am I to give you your Master’s degree?”

To feel the presence of the soul you have to meditate for a couple of years. Right now, to feel the presence of the soul is not necessary. That which is of greatest importance for a beginner is aspiration. You want to arrive at your destination, but right now you don’t have the money to buy the ticket. The money here is aspiration. When you increase your aspiration, you can buy the ticket. I am not trying to throw cold water upon you. Only I wish to say that if you go slowly and steadily, then you shall win the race. Right now I don’t even know how to walk properly. If I don’t know how to walk properly, how can I expect to run very fast? I have to reach my goal; that is my ultimate aim. But right now my aim is to stand up and try to learn how to walk. Then, when I can walk, I will try to march; when I can march, I will try to run; when I can run, I will try to run the fastest. Only then shall I reach my goal.