Question: Is it possible to get liberation and never see God and talk to God?

Sri Chinmoy: A liberated soul will feel a kind of peace, light and bliss which nobody else sees and feels. He can get answers to questions from his soul, or from a most luminous human being. The only thing is that he won’t be able to do what a realised soul does. Realised souls are like darling children. No matter when the parents are invoked, even if they are doing something most important, the parents will come when they see their children. One smile from the children is enough. But liberated souls are like perfect gentlemen. They will wait an hour or two to see the parents and they will leave only when the parents say that there is no possibility of seeing them today. But a realised soul has free access. A really realised soul doesn’t have to meditate two hours before he can see God.

In the West they speak about salvation. Salvation is much inferior to liberation. Salvation means freedom from sin. But liberation is something more; liberation is freedom from ignorance, which is a much broader concept than just sin. Liberation is dealing with ignorance. And realisation is dealing all the time with the inner suns.