Question: Does a realised soul feel anger?

Sri Chinmoy: A realised soul may express so-called anger. But actually it is divine authority that he is exercising. If he does not exercise his divine authority, which may take the form of outer anger, then he won't be able to accomplish the needful. So, as a last resort, if it is the Will of God, he expresses so-called anger. Our human mind will call it anger, but in reality it is Justice-Light from above.

But an ordinary liberated soul will not dare to show anger. He is afraid of anger, afraid of impurity, afraid of quite a few earthly shortcomings. For he knows that he has just come out of a particular room, which is unlit, and if he goes back there to transform it, then he may be caught. A liberated soul is afraid of his past. But a realised soul is like a soldier. Once he has come out of the unlit room, he knows that he has to go inside again to fight for illumination. He says, "I have come out. Now, others also want to come out. So let me help them, save them, bring them out so that they also can become realised." Again, a truly liberated soul — a soul that is absolutely liberated, totally liberated — eventually becomes God-realised. So, a day will come when he will also go back into the unlit room to help manifest divinity on earth.