Scene 2

NARRATOR: Every day Surya draws his golden chariot across the heavens, offering light and illumination to the heavens and to the earth.

(In Heaven a cosmic god is speaking to Surya.)

FIRST COSMIC GOD: Surya, what is wrong with you today? Why are you so unhappy, O sun-god? Your unhappiness is creating tremendous problems for earth. Earth has become all darkness. There is tremendous chaos there. If you go on this way, if you have a heavy heart and do not do your job, the earth will be doomed. Heaven also will be doomed. It is your presence that illumines the heavens as well as the earth. Tell me, Surya, what is wrong with you today?

SURYA: I shall confide in you. I am in love.

FIRST COSMIC GOD: You are in love? With whom are you in love?

SURYA: I am in love with a most beautiful girl whom I saw yesterday when I was riding across the heavens. Her beauty has conquered my heart. Her beauty has enslaved my mind. The memory of her beauty is torturing me. I cannot do anything but think of her. My heart is crying for her. What shall I do?