Scene 3

(The cosmic gods are having a meeting.)

FIRST COSMIC GOD: Something has to be done. If Surya goes on in this way, if he does not do his job, then we will be in total darkness.

SECOND COSMIC GOD: The asuras will destroy the earth. Earth will cry to us for blessings, and we will not be able to offer any. Earth will cry in utter despair, and we will be helpless.

THIRD COSMIC GOD: And we will be destroyed ourselves very soon if Surya does not come back and offer his light to us.

VAYU: Don’t worry. I am going in search of that girl. I shall find her, and then I shall make arrangements for her to marry Surya.

FOURTH COSMIC GOD: If you are successful, we shall be most grateful.

FIFTH COSMIC GOD: And if you are not, then we shall all be ruined.

VAYU: Don’t worry, my friends. I know I have the capacity. I can easily find out who she is; I can easily get them together; I can easily arrange for their marriage.

COSMIC GODS (together): All our joy, all our love, all our gratitude to you, dearest brother Vayu.

(Exit Vayu.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973