Scene 4

(A most beautiful girl is sitting in a corner of the Celestial Dwellings. Enter Vayu.)

VAYU: You! Ah, I have discovered you at last. Please tell me your name. (She gives him a sulky smile.) Tell me. Tell me, please. Our Lord Surya is deeply in love with you. Because of you, he is not doing his work any more and we shall soon be plunged into total darkness. Tell me, tell me who you are or Heaven and earth will perish. Whose daughter are you?

SANJNA: My name is Sanjna. My father is Vishwakarma.

VAYU: Your father is Vishwakarma? You are his daughter? Come, let us go to your father’s house. I shall tell him all about our Surya’s love for you.

SANJNA: Are you sure he loves me?

VAYU: Loves you! Loves you! That is an understatement. His heart is crying for you. His heart is breaking for you. He can think of nothing but you. He needs you; he desperately needs you, and he wants to marry you. All the cosmic gods will celebrate your wedding. We shall all have infinite joy, infinite delight to see you two united.

SANJNA (smiling): Come with me.

(Exeunt Vayu and Sanjna.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973