Scene 5

(Vishwakarma’s home. Enter Sanjna with Vayu.)

VISHWAKARMA: Sanjna, I have told you repeatedly not to speak to strangers. What do you mean by bringing home an unknown person to me?

VAYU: O Vishwakarma, I may not be known to you, but you are well known to me. I have not come here to hurt you or to hurt your daughter. I have come to tell you something that will give you enormous joy. The sun god, Surya, without whom we cannot exist, is in love with your daughter. All the cosmic gods have met together, and they have sent me to you. Please listen to our prayer. Allow your daughter to marry Surya. Their marriage will have the blessings of the entire earth and all the higher worlds.

VISHWAKARMA: I can’t believe my ears! I can’t believe my eyes! Surya likes my daughter?

SANJNA: Likes! Likes! He loves me!

VAYU: O Vishwakarma, you ask if Surya likes your daughter. She says that he loves her. But I wish to say that both of these are understatements. Your daughter has unconditionally conquered his heart. He is pining away for her.

VISHWAKARMA: Then let us not delay. Let us arrange for the wedding to be celebrated as soon as possible. Where will it take place?

VAYU: In the highest regions of Heaven. Tomorrow you bring your daughter, and all the cosmic gods will be there. We shall celebrate the wedding of Surya and Sanjna.

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973