Scene 6

(Rohitashwa sits down on the steps of a bathing ghat beside the river Ganga.)


I remember...
My mother loved me, her world.
My father loved me, his dream.
My home loved me, its “supreme.”

I remember...
I prayed with the blooming dawn,
I played with the glowing sun.
My life, the nectar-fun.

I remember...
I sang with the twinkling stars,
I danced with the floating moon.
All lost, alas, too soon.

I remember, I remember, I remember.

(Rohitashwa’s face has become an everchanging panorama of dark fear and endless despair. Enter Shaivya.)

SHAIVYA: My son (caressing him), don’t feel sad. One day we shall meet your father. I am sure he constantly thinks of us as we constantly think of him. One day the whole world will admire and adore your father for his great sense of truth and his tremendous and unprecedented sacrifice. Rohitashwa, go and play in the garden. I shall join you in the evening. Now I have to work hard in the kitchen. Today I shall make a most delicious meal for you, my son.

ROHITASHWA: Please, don’t forget to come and play with me in the evening.

SHAIVYA: My son, without fail I shall come and play with you.

(Shaivya leaves for the house and Rohitashwa for the garden.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973