Scene 3

(The next day Upamanyu goes to the field with the cows. In the morning for breakfast and in the afternoon for lunch the poor boy drinks milk from the udders of the cows. Happily he watches the cows grazing all day. He sings a soulful song.)

Amar bhabana
amar kamana
amar eshana
amar sadhana
tomar charane
peyechhe ajike thai
moher bandhan hiyar jatan
timir jiban shaman shasan
halo abasan nai nai ar nai

(My thoughts, my desires, my aspiration, my
life’s disciplines
Have found their haven at Your Feet today.
The bondage of tempting attachment and pangs
of the heart,
The life of darkness and the torture of death,
No more I see, no more I feel.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973