Scene 4

(Upamanyu comes back in the evening.)

AYODADHOMMYA: So, today you have done a fine job. I am sure that today you didn’t go out for food. But strangely enough, you seem quite strong despite not having eaten today. Have you not eaten anything?

UPAMANYU: O Master, I drank some milk.

AYODADHOMMYA: Milk? From the cows? Is that milk meant for you to drink?

UPAMANYU: Oh no, Master. What actually happened is this. When the calves had finished drinking their milk, I drank the very little milk that remained in the udders of the cows.

AYODADHOMMYA: That is unfair, unfair! That milk is not meant for you, even if it is left. It is meant for the calves if they want to come back again. The very little that was left, they could have drunk. Unthinkable! I never expected you to behave that way! All right, I forgive you. But don’t do it any more!

(Upamanyu touches his Master’s feet and then goes away.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973