Scene 6

(Evening sets in. Upamanyu comes home.)

AYODADHOMMYA: I am sure that today at least you have listened to my command. You have not eaten, and I am sure you have not drunk milk from the cows.

UPAMANYU: No, I have not.

AYODADHOMMYA: I am very happy that you have listened to my order. But how is it that even today I see you looking quite strong and healthy? Have you not eaten anything?

UPAMANYU: Master, I have licked the froth from the mouths of the calves.


UPAMANYU: After they have drunk the milk from their mothers, there remains a kind of froth around their mouths. So I drank that.

AYODADHOMMYA: Unthinkable! How could you do that? When those little, innocent creatures have some milk around their mouths, gradually they lick it off. How could you drink it? Unthinkable! I have never seen a boy like you, always disobedient. Every day you drink or eat something without my knowledge or permission. You must not do that. You must not drink any more milk or froth, and you must not go from door to door to collect food. You must not do any of that.

UPAMANYU: Yes, Master. I shall not do it.

(He bows down to the Master and goes away.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973