Scene 7

(Early the next morning Upamanyu, as usual, goes to the grazing ground with the cows.)

UPAMANYU: Today I am very hungry and very thirsty. For the last two days I have eaten almost nothing. In the evening I get food at Master’s place, but that is very scanty. Previously, Master’s wife used to give me a delicious meal three times a day, and I used to eat voraciously. Now I do not have breakfast or lunch at all, so the food I get in the evening is not enough. I do not know what is wrong with me or what is wrong with them that I am not allowed to eat my three meals a day. I am so hungry! What can I eat? Ah, I shall eat some leaves, just to fill my stomach.

(He goes to a tree and eats some leaves. Slowly, his eyesight begins to fail. Evening sets in and the cows begin to go home without their master. Upamanyu cannot see, but he tries to follow them anyway. On the way he falls into a dry well, and he cannot get out.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973