Scene 2

(The Body, the Eye, the Ear, the Organ of Speech, the Mind and the Life-Energy are together.)

THE ORGAN OF SPEECH: Let me go out of the Body first. Let me get the first chance. I know I am the greatest. If I don’t speak, the world will think that the Body is dead. It is I who bring glory to the Body. I speak, and people appreciate and admire. I teach the world with my knowledge and inner wisdom. It is I who bring all joy, pride and satisfaction to the Body. Undoubtedly I am the greatest. You have not believed me so far, but now I will go out for a year; and when I come back you all will see and realise that it is I who have all along been the greatest.

(Exit Organ of Speech.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973