Scene 3

(One year has passed. The Organ of Speech comes back and stands before the Body, the Eye, the Ear, the Mind and the Life-Energy.)

THE ORGAN OF SPEECH (to the Body): How is it that you are quite all right? I thought that you would suffer greatly. Did you not suffer from my absence?

THE BODY: I am sorry, but I did not miss you badly. As a matter of fact, I did not miss you at all. On the contrary, my silence gave me much inner strength. As you know, a dumb person does not speak, yet he exists on earth. In my case, since I am spiritual, I found your absence quite helpful. I enjoyed it tremendously. At long last I was able to take a little rest. You talked too much for a long time.

THE ORGAN OF SPEECH: You ungrateful creature! Just wait; I shall show you! I shall teach you a lesson!

THE EYE: O Speech, I always knew that you were not the greatest, and here is the proof. In your absence we did exist, we did enjoy everything. Now it is my turn. I shall show you all. I shall prove to you all who is the greatest.

THE EAR: For God’s sake, O Eye, don’t brag! Until my turn is over the rest of you cannot know who the greatest is.

THE EYE: Oh, be quiet! I am leaving now. Just watch what happens to you all, you fools!

(Exit Eye.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973