Scene 4

(A year later the Eye comes back to the Body, the Ear, the Organ of Speech, the Mind and the Life-Energy.)

THE EYE: How strange, how strange! I can’t believe my eyes! How is it that you were not affected at all by my absence? You seem to be quite happy and healthy.

THE BODY: O Eye, you are perfectly right. In your absence I enjoyed something really deep and profound.

THE EYE: What nonsense do you speak? What did you enjoy? Tell me! What kind of deep realisation did you have during my absence?

THE BODY: O Eye, in the past you showed me many uncomely things, many ugly things on earth. I saw tremendous suffering through you. But this year I have not seen any ugliness, darkness, imperfection, poverty or other undivine things, and for that I am truly happy. A man without sight can easily live on earth. There are many people who cannot see, but still manage most satisfactorily. I enjoyed your absence, and I have profited and gained tremendously from it.

THE EYE: O ungrateful Body, wait! Wait! I shall smash your pride one day! Just you wait!

THE EAR: O Eye, I told you before you left that you could never be the greatest, and now you see that my prophecy has come true. Now it is my turn. We shall see how well you can get along without me!

(Exit Ear.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973