Scene 5

(A year has passed. The Ear comes back.)

THE EAR: O Body, I can’t believe my ears! I can’t! How is it that you have not suffered in the least during my absence? How could you live one full year, one long year, without me? It is unthinkable, unimaginable!

THE BODY: O Ear! I did not suffer at all in your absence. When you were here, I used to hear gossip; I used to hear about others’ jealousy, about others’ shortcomings, imperfections, limitations — about all kinds of deficiencies in human nature. But for one full year I did not hear anything undivine. Nobody bothered me, nobody brought me news; I did not hear any quarrels. I myself was my only thought, my only idea and my only news. I was so happy. I didn’t miss you at all. On the contrary, you did me a great favour by leaving me for a year. From the human point of view, you know that a deaf person can easily live on earth and do everything except hear. Who cares for hearing, as long as one can stay on earth happily and peacefully? Your presence is not at all essential, and here is the proof.

THE EAR: O ungrateful Body, wait, wait! A day will come when I shall teach you a serious lesson. Then I shall humble you; I shall bring down your pride and smash it. There will surely be some way for me to make you feel how great I am. Wait; wait and see!

THE MIND: Now it is my turn. O Organ of Speech, O Eye, O Ear, you have all failed. Now it is my turn.

THE ORGAN OF SPEECH, THE EYE AND THE EAR (together): Try, Mind, try. Like us, you too will be unsuccessful. Don’t boast. We know your capacity, which is incapacity!

THE MIND (angrily): The time will soon arrive when you will see how badly you need me, you fools, you brainless sheep! I will prove to you in my absence that you are all idiots, nothing but idiots! Wait and see what happens to you when I am gone!

(Exit Mind.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973