Scene 6

(A year later the Mind returns.)

THE MIND: What? Are you all right? It is beyond my imagination! How, how can you exist without me? O Body, didn’t you feel anything during my absence? Didn’t you see that the world hated you for your stupidity and your ignorance? It is I who am all knowledge, all wisdom inside you. I am sure that, the moment I left, the world began to despise you, to ridicule you. You must have behaved like a real fool, an idiot, an imbecile. Tell me what actually happened in my absence.

THE BODY: O Mind, in your absence I enjoyed something very vast, something very profound.

THE MIND: What is all this nonsense? What did you enjoy during my absence that was so vast and deep? It is unthinkable, unbelievable!

THE BODY: Mind, you caused tremendous suffering for me. You brought doubts into me, you brought suspicion into me and, what is much worse, you brought jealousy into me. O Mind, in your absence I had such peace, such peace! I did not think of anybody with suspicion, fear, doubt, anxiety or worry. I was all peace, all peace. If one does not have a mind one can exist on earth. There are many who do not have a mind at all, but they live on earth in their own way. Look at children. They do not have the mind. They need to be told everything. Yet how pure, how sweet, how loving, how divine they are! But when you come, everything is lost. They gain the mind and their whole existence becomes mean, suspicious and destructive. You are not needed, not at all! In the spiritual world we see how happy we are when we go beyond the mind. At each moment we enjoy the vast, infinite Peace, Light and Bliss. When we transcend the mind, we become one with the universal consciousness. No, Mind, you are not indispensable.

LIFE-ENERGY: My friends, all of you have tried and all of you have failed. Now I shall try. I have no idea what my fate will be but, if I succeed, we will all be able to share the glory. If I fail, then I will be one of you, and have the same deplorable fate. I shall share my success and glory with you if I succeed. And if I also am defeated, I shall share your disappointment.

THE ORGAN OF SPEECH: Stop, Life-Energy! Don’t be so modest, don’t be so humble! What is wrong with you today? Why are you saying such divine things? Where was your consciousness when we went to Prajapati in order to know who is the greatest? For so many years you quarrelled and fought with us, as we did with you. Now today you are saying that you will share your success with us. Why this sudden generosity? We don’t care for your false modesty. You go out and see. Your pride will also have to bite the dust. You will also fail miserably, just like us.

LIFE-ENERGY: Even if I fail I shall not curse the Body. I shall accept my defeat cheerfully and gladly.

THE OTHERS (together): Go ahead and leave. Stop giving us your philosophy, and leave!

(Life-Energy is about to leave the body.)

THE BODY: Oh stop, stop! Where are you going? I am practically dead. I can’t exist without you. I can live perfectly without the Organ of Speech, the Eye, the Ear and the Mind; but without you, it is impossible for me to exist. O Life-Energy, don’t leave me!

THE EYE: Oh, I am blind! I can’t see anything! I am lost! I am in total darkness! Everything around me is dark!

THE EAR: I don’t hear anything! What is wrong with me? I can’t hear. I am now totally deaf. On the earth, children are playing, but I don’t hear their shouts. There are rivers, but I don’t hear their murmuring. There is no sound. I am dead. My existence is nullified.

THE ORGAN OF SPEECH: Oh, I am gone! I am lost! I can’t say a word! I have so many things to tell the world, so much advice to offer, but I can’t, I can’t. I am dead! I have no strength, no power!

THE MIND: Oh, I am lost! I can’t think of a thing! I am worse than a fool. I don’t have even one idea. Nothing comes to my mind. What is wrong with me? I can’t exist in your absence, O Life-Energy. I have to think, I have to! If I can’t think, I am lost. O Life-Energy, don’t leave me, don’t leave!

(Prajapati appears before them. All bow to him with deep gratitude. Prajapati blesses them, one by one.)

PRAJAPATI: So, my children, now you know who is by far the greatest among you.

(Except for the Body and the Life-Energy, the others are sad, depressed and angry.)

PRAJAPATI: I have come to you with divine advice. Listen to me. This advice will make you happy and immortal on earth. It is time for you all to enter into a new Cosmic Game. From now on you, Organ of Speech, will only tell the Truth. Truth is all; Truth is above all. It is my Truth that holds the world. Tell the Truth. Nothing is greater than Truth. Don’t utter anything false; don’t mix with falsehood any more. Use the Truth as your divine weapon to please the world and to win the world. (To the Eye.) O Eye, from now on try only to see the Beauty in my creation. See Beauty in human beings, Beauty in every object! Beauty, only Beauty. If you see Beauty, then you can become one with my inner and outer divinity. It is in Beauty that one can see and grow into Perfection. Beauty is the manifestation of Truth. Beauty is the only Reality of Truth. (To the Ear.) O Ear, from now on hear only the Truth. The message of Truth comes only from real spiritual seekers. When you have a spiritual Master, whatever you hear him say is the Ultimate Truth. Cry to hear his voice, his Truth, his Light, it is only by hearing the Truth that your inner awakening will take place. It is only by listening to him that you will be able to realise the Highest. Use your capacity to hear only divine things from divine people, and not to enjoy gossip and other undivine utterances from the world. (To the Mind.) O Mind, from now on remain in the Heart. There you will be safe. The aspiring Heart will always receive Light from the Soul, and this Light the Heart will offer to you at every moment. When you receive the Light from your Heart, you will be illumined. There will come a time when you will be able to transcend yourself. You will enter into the ocean of Peace, Light and Bliss. Mind, no longer allow doubt, suspicion, fear, anxiety and worry in your life. You can have boundless Peace, Light and Bliss when you remain in the breath of the Heart. You can transcend yourself. (To the Body.) O Body, remain always pure, pure, pure. If you do not remain pure, my Reality, my Truth and my Existence will not be able to manifest themselves divinely and supremely. It is in your Purity that the members of your family can have abiding joy. When you lack Purity, everything is deplorable, nothing is beautiful, nothing is meaningful, nothing is worth having or achieving. It is through your Purity that every divine quality can enter permanently into the human nature. O Body, you have the capacity to transform yourself with the Light of the Soul, with the messages offered by the Life-Energy, with the Truth pronounced by the Organ of Speech, with the Beauty perceived by the Eye, with the divine wisdom that the Ear brings you from seekers and spiritual Masters and with the vastness that the Mind brings. O Body, it is with your Purity and in your Purity that the members of your family can enjoy perfect freedom and at the same time manifest me totally and integrally on earth.

(The Body, the Organ of Speech, the Eye, the Ear, the Mind and the Life-Energy bow with deepest gratitude to Prajapati.)

Sri Chinmoy, Supreme sacrifice, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973