I had a unique experience at our Narada's Sacred Rock. It is something definitely worth seeing.

Narada invited his friends, helpers and workers to come and see me. Their love, respect and devoted feelings were most exemplary. They had a volley of questions, all sincere, all genuine, and I answered their questions with my heart's utmost concern. All of his friends and colleagues were wearing white from top to bottom. Some of the disciples who accompanied me were not in white, and they had not the slightest idea that Narada was going to beg his dear ones to wear white!

In Narada's meditation room, he and I had a very powerful meditation. There is a panoramic view from his Sacred Rock palace. It is soul-stirring. He has a magnificent statue of Lord Buddha, and another statue of Mother Mary, which is most soulful. He showed me the place where he is going to have his Guru's statue.

Narada recited my message: "When the power of love replaces the love of power, man will have a new name: God." Then he asked everyone to repeat it. All of us did repeat it with our love, love and love.

At the end of the questions, one by one Narada's friends came to me with flowers and placed them at my feet. There were more than one hundred seekers all around the swimming pool — about one hundred and fifty, I think. Many were shedding tears while placing the flowers in front of me. Soon the pile of flowers came up to my knees, and then up to my chest! It was a huge pile. Flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers they were offering me. For the first time I had this experience. These seeker-friends of Narada's mustered their simplicity, their sincerity and their devotedness. Many, many divine qualities they brought to the fore and offered to me.

It was a unique experience. These friends of Narada's are absolutely genuine seekers. To see so many genuine seekers is very rare, very, very rare. It was indeed a most remarkable experience for me, and for that my heart is extremely, extremely grateful to Narada, our Narada.

When seekers show me the spiritual and divine aspects of their life, I feel this world of ours will definitely, definitely arrive at the destination which we call a oneness-home. A oneness-home is not my mental hallucination; it is not a dream that will never blossom into reality, no! A oneness-home is a dream that has already started blossoming prayerfully, beautifully, powerfully and self-givingly into a oneness-world-family.

SRW 12. On 1 November 1995, following a weekly Wednesday evening meditation with his disciples, Sri Chinmoy reflected on his visit to Narada's Sacred Rock.