Question: I was wondering which is the more important goal in life: knowledge, wisdom or truth?

Sri Chinmoy: Knowledge and wisdom, let us say, are not the same thing. Knowledge is something earthly; it is something we get from books or from the outer lives of other human beings. Knowledge is in the mind, of the mind and for the mind — for the expansion of the mind. But wisdom comes from our inner existence — from the light of our soul, which is the direct representative of God. So wisdom is much deeper than knowledge. Some people have wisdom, but they may not abide by this wisdom. If they abide by their wisdom, then they will only do absolutely the right thing. When wisdom dawns, it is like the sun appearing through the clouds. Wisdom is of paramount importance in our spiritual life.

Wisdom and peace cannot be separated; they are like the obverse and reverse of the same coin. Wisdom tells us that God not only is in all, but He is all. Peace also is like that; it is in all. In the inmost recesses of our heart, we all have peace. Again, peace is all. Wisdom tells us that we have many things, but what we need most is peace. The message, the light, the divinity, the immortality of peace we are unfortunately missing. If early in the morning, through our prayer and meditation, we can start our life-journey with even an iota of peace, then we feel that our day is most blessed.