Question: Good morning. Guru, your powerful affirmation of the power of love replacing the love of power is the ultimate fulfilment. But if we are driven by insatiable desires, how can we move to the point of this fulfilment? What steps can we take?

Sri Chinmoy: We have to increase our good thoughts and actions and we have to decrease our bad ones. Suppose I am doing one good thing and ten bad things in a day. The following day, I shall try to do two good actions and only nine bad actions. Like this, anything that is good I will try every day to increase, and anything that is bad I will try every day to decrease. In this way, there shall come a time when from one good deed I will have become a multi-millionaire with respect to good deeds. Similarly, in terms of bad deeds, I will have become a pauper. In my thoughts and actions I will be doing only good things.

The positive approach is to try to increase all our good qualities. When our good qualities are increasing, our bad qualities are leaving us, because there is no longer any place for them. What is a good quality? A good quality is a quality with light. Let us say I have a room, like my mind-room, that has been unlit for years. Then I bring in an electrician, who puts in a light switch. Now, at my sweet, will when I turn on the switch, the room becomes fully illumined.

Right now I may have only an iota of light, but if I pray to God to increase my good qualities, gradually He will bless me with boundless, effulgent light. Again, if every day I pray to Him soulfully, prayerfully and self-givingly to decrease my darkness, then naturally He is going to listen to that prayer also. So, with the positive way we shall go to the highest Height, and with the negative approach we shall eventually reach a point where there will be no more wrong thoughts or actions. At that time, what will come to us will be only positive things. If we pray to God to increase our good qualities and to decrease our undivine qualities, after a few weeks or a few months or a few years we will see that only goodness is flowing, like our Indian Ganges. Goodness-river is flowing down from Lord Shiva's Abode in the Himalayas and touching the earth-plane.