Question: When God is in His personal aspect, does His Consciousness go up and down? Does He ever get in a low consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: Even if God is in His lowest Consciousness, His lowest Consciousness will be at least one inch higher than your highest consciousness. But in God's case there is no such thing as lowest or highest, because His Consciousness encompasses all realms. We say that this is height, this is length, this is depth. But in God's Cosmic Vision, that kind of term does not apply. If He is very deep within His own Consciousness, He does not have to say that He is in the inmost recesses of His Heart. What you may call depth, He can consider as height.

Everything, as seen in God's Eye, will puzzle us, no matter what it is. Depth, height, length: these are all only words — our words. We have created height, depth, length and all these measurements. But since God's Consciousness is everywhere, height, length and depth are all inside Him. In our case, we are limited; we cannot be everywhere. If we are here, we cannot be elsewhere. Our head comes only up to here; we cannot touch the ceiling with it. But in God's case, no matter where He is, even in His personal aspect, He is everywhere.

So God never loses His Height. He is not this moment at the foot of the mountain and the next moment at the top. You can only say that if he has to pay considerable attention to one particular place, if one particular place demands more of His infinite Power of Concentration, then He will pay more attention to that place.

Suppose one good, sincere seeker like you is crying for light, and your husband is not crying. At that time what will God do? Your husband is also God's child, but you will receive more of God's Concentration-Power, because you are crying more sincerely than somebody else. You have created receptivity, so you will get more of His loving, compassionate aspect.

If you want more Attention, more Concentration, more Concern, more Compassion from God, then you have to dig deep within and create receptivity. But God Himself will never be in a lower consciousness or a higher consciousness at a particular place or time. His Consciousness is omnipresent. It is only a question of how much you can receive.

In ordinary human life there are ups and downs. This moment we are at the foot of the tree; the next moment we climb to the topmost branch. Because God is universal and omnipresent, His Consciousness does not change. It does not have to change. The human mind will say that God is in a higher consciousness here, just because He is being manifested much more here than elsewhere, and that over there God is in a lower consciousness, because He is not getting the opportunity to manifest Himself there. But this is a different matter. Here we are speaking of manifestation, but when it is a matter of God's Consciousness rising and falling, this does not happen. The thing that changes is how much we can receive from Him. Only our receptivity changes. When we are aspiring, we receive much and we are in Heaven. When we are not aspiring, we do not receive anything and we are in Hell.