Question: Last night you said that we would realise God before your chair would. Does it really matter, since we are dealing with Eternity and Immortality anyway, whether we are first or the chair is?

Sri Chinmoy: God wants you to realise Him as soon as possible. Why? Because He needs you badly to manifest Him. God's Consciousness has evolved in and through you more than it has evolved through the chair, and He knows that you can manifest Him sooner than the chair can. This is no comparison between you and the chair. Your time to realise God, reveal God and manifest God will come first, so naturally you will try to do it.

Our so-called sympathetic heart may want to say, "Since the chair is also God's creation, why should I not act like a perfect gentleman and let everybody else go first? I shall go last to show my heart's magnanimity." But God will say, "You stay with your heart's magnanimity; but you are not remaining one with My Will. My Will is that you realise Me as soon as possible. I am tired; I am exhausted. I want you to do a little work for Me." God wants us to shoulder a little bit of His burden, to take some of His responsibilities away from Him. At that time, if we become divinely stupid and say, "No, let the chair go first; let everybody else go first. I will go last," that will be a mistake. We have to identify ourselves with God's Will first. Otherwise, it will take us hundreds and thousands of incarnations to realise God, and that will be an act of stupidity.

What God wants, not what we feel is best or most spiritual, is the right thing to do. If it is God's Will, then we will go last. But we already know that God wants us to go very fast, because He needs more sincere instruments. The more He can get sincere instruments, the sooner He can manifest Himself totally here on earth. So if we do not run the fastest, that means that we are delaying His manifestation.