Question: What are the ways that a God-realised Master can help his disciples realise God?

Sri Chinmoy: The God-realised Master will meditate on his disciples and bring forward their souls. This is the most important thing that a spiritual Master does. He enters into the soul, into the inner being of the disciple, and feeds it; and he helps the seeker to bring to the fore all his divine qualities. For that, the disciple also must have implicit faith in the Master. Otherwise, the Master will bring to the fore the disciple's divine qualities, but the disciple won't be able to utilise them. So with his meditation the Master helps his disciples. This is one way.

The other way is by giving constant outer concern and inner encouragement. He tells the disciples that they are doing the right thing or, if they do something wrong, then immediately he points it out to them. If you are doing something good, he will say, "Go on! There is no end to your achievement." If you do something wrong, then immediately he will prevent you from doing it again. So, it is through his inner meditation and his outer concern that he will be able to help.